STREE EDUCATION: Best of studies in Dubai

STREE EDUCATION: Best of studies in Dubai

Dubai, UAE: STREE EDUCATION, a business unit of STREE Group of Companies Dubai, has commenced professional teaching for CBSE students in Dubai. The classes will be conducted in association with RESONANCE, one of the leading result-oriented teaching centres in India, is offering Pre-Foundation Career Care Programme for students of grades 5 to 10.

This programme focuses on the basics of Mathematics, Science and Mental Ability, which when developed during the early stage has an immense impact, enabling students to secure top ranks and get selected on their first attempt at various competitive examinations.

Dedicated faculty members are IITians with broad experience across various subjects who will train aspiring students to develop their Competitive Quotient (CQ). Our focused teaching sharpens logical abilities and analytical skills, and no matter which stream of study they choose, our students are well equipped to excel in academic examinations, as well as Competitive Entrance Examinations such as NEET, JEE (Main & Advanced) and preparation for leading Western universities.

“Start early and take the advantage” is the philosophy and success mantra of this programme.

“Dubai centre offers similar classes conducted in Kota centre. Our course curriculum is continuously updated by well-experienced Research and Development team. Parents do not have to be apprehensive about their child’s future and they need not send them to India for learning. We have designed a flexible programme that includes affordable fee structure by considering the economic importance of Indian expatriates because we have passion and dedication to extend our services to UAE students.”

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