Innovative education experience

Innovative education experience

Built on the 50 years of excellence from the Our Own English High Schools, GEMS New Our Own Private High School – Sharjah will open in September 2018. Located in the Juwaiza’z area of Sharjah, the new school will further the track record of excellence that Our Own English High Schools have in Sharjah and the entire UAE.

GEMS New Our Own Private High School – Sharjah believes that every student has the right to a high standard of academic, social and personal development. The exciting Indian curriculum design will be heavily embedded with new approaches to learning. This will be coupled with an innovative STEAM driven education experience that ensures students are able to obtain admissions into their universities of choice.

Innovative education experience

The school will thrive in the delivery of the curriculum, and the teaching and learning of knowledge and skills for students. There will be a high level of academic performance, which will be measured by standards in the public/board examinations.

The students will be provided with opportunities to achieve their highest all round potential in a supportive, safe and caring environment. The partnership between the school, students and the family will ensure that there is effective communication and engagement. This will further ensure that each student’s individual talents are nurtured. The school is committed to creating a learning environment that builds self-awareness, confidence, competence and independence.

Michael Guzder, Vice-President of Indian Schools at GEMS Education will support the school. Principal Sangita Chima, who has over 30 years of experience in education, will join the school from The Lawrence School – Lovedale in Ooty, India.

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