CBSE Grade 10, 12 exams begin in UAE today

CBSE Grade 10, 12 exams begin in UAE today

Dubai, UAE: With less than 24-hours left for ‘the biggest examinations’ for the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations, students in the UAE state that ‘they’ve done their very best’ to prepare for the examinations.

“There are approximately 7,010 students appearing for Grade 10 examination from Dubai and the Northern Emirates,” stated Ashok Kumar, CEO of Indian High School (IHS). He also revealed that the IHS itself has 794 students attempting the exams.

Several thousand Grade 12 students from across the UAE are expected to attempt the examination starting tomorrow (March 5). The first major Grade 10 subject scheduled for March 6 is language (Hindi) while students appearing for Grade 12 exams will be starting it off with English.

After an eight-year hiatus, students of Grade 10 will be attempting the exams after the board scrapped the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern. The Grade 10 students will be attempting the science and mathematics papers on March 16 and 28.

Khaleej Times caught up with a few parents and students a day before the final examinations. Mini Mary, a Grade 10 student at a school in Abu Dhabi said, “I’ve done my best. Learning, revising, and re-revising such vast portions were indeed challenging, but I’ve practised loads of questions papers and that has definitely made preparing for the exams much easier.”

Kumar added, “Our students are well equipped with the practical exam, thanks to the internal enrichment programmes and the training they have gained over the CCE pattern. What is new is “the full portion” of Grade 10 syllabus tested for the first time for this batch of students. Our school has geared up for this and a number of written exams have been conducted to prepare them, and we hope they will excel in the exams.”


Another parent Deepa Nair, whose son Deepankar Nair, a student of Indian High School, is attempting the Grade 10 exams. She said, “I took a day off work on the day before the exam to give him some confidence and will accompany him to the exam centre as well. When my older son was attempting his exams, I took an entire month off work to be with him.”

She added, “This year the stress to excel in the exams has been very high. There has been a lot of pressure from the school to score very high marks as well, as the focus this year is on scoring high marks.” According to Deepa, her son listens to some music when he feels too stressed.

Another Sharjah- based parent Julie Divakaran, whose daughter is attempting the exams said, “Parents need to give children confidence as they already face stress from schools and their peers. It is a very trying time for students, parents need to keep boosting their confidence.”

Expert tips to stress bust on the day of the exams

  1. Practice exercise and some deep breathing
  2. Deep breathing and exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Play a sport or go for a quick run or walk a day before the examinations to beat stress

  3. Don’t resort to last-minute studying
  4. Try not to cram or study something new a day before the examination. Chances are that you won’t remember it


  5. Prepare the stationary case and pack the admit card/ hall ticket on the previous day of the exam
  6. Pack your stationery, calculator (if permitted) and hall tickets a day before the examination. Keep uniforms and clothes prepared as well

  7. Hydrate yourself
  8. Drink plenty of water and carry a water bottle to the examination hall. CBSE allows students with diabetes with a snack into the examination hall, provided the students give a doctor’s certificate

  9. Arrive at the examination centre early
  10. Be prepared to arrive at the examination centre well ahead of the exam time.

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