The best education at your doorstep

The best education at your doorstep

UAE: The UAE is home to more than 2.5 million Indians, and they proudly call it their second home. For the last 40 years, generations have lived and worked in the UAE, and children from the Indian community have been born and educated here. The UAE has a comprehensive and competitive education system, and the Indian curriculum is one of the preferred one for expatriates. Indian parents, who live and work here, prefer to educate their child with the available vibrant and ambitious Indian curriculum in vogue across the UAE. The reason is simple: it possesses and imbibes Indian culture and values. Teachers and families share a common belief that a good education is a passport to life’s opportunities, and the fact that India back home has a competitive educational base, wards studying in the UAE prefer to go the Indian curriculum way.

By opting for the Indian curriculum, students benefit from a highly supportive system, which encourages them to strive to reach their full, individual potential. It brings to fore abilities and aptitudes, and provides ample chances to achieve the best academic performance in a broad range of subjects.

Indian higher education curriculum in vogue in the UAE lays special stress on science and management studies, as well as information technology. A number of schools, colleges and varsities have designed a module of education that is subject-specific, and is tailor-made to cater to the future onward studies’ requirements in India. Moreover, students gradually are trained to opt for competitive examinations, especially for Indian services, as well as information technology and medical higher learning. Thus, in a comprehensive way UAE educational institutions leave no stone unturned in crafting Indians students for a better and progressive tomorrow, as they learn and unlearn Indian curriculum.

Likewise, Indian universities are closely interlinked with the secondary school systems in the UAE, and it simply means successful students have a better chance to India’s best higher education establishments.


Last but not the least, another reason why the UAE-based educational institutions prefer to opt for Indian curriculum is its versatility as it is rapidly gaining recognition and respect worldwide. Some of the best wards have gone on to win laurels in the West and the United States, and are chief executives of some of the most lucrative financial scientific and business organisations – a tribute, indeed, to the classic competitiveness of Indian education.

Similarly, on a local note, the standard of education provided by Indian-curriculum schools in the UAE has significantly improved over the years, and the top regulatory body, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, recognises it in many of its occasional reports. The KHDA says Indian schools have registered immense improvement in the quality of education, and Indian-curriculum schools are also becoming more involved with the National Agenda Parameter.

Without an iota of doubt, it could be said that students admitted in the Indian curriculum, at stage of learning, have a better chance to excel, and do well as they charter their future course of action.

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